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  • Clinique 最新倩碧VC VA 精华套装
Clinique 最新倩碧VC VA 精华套装

Clinique 最新倩碧VC VA 精华套装

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    Clinique 最新倩碧VC VA 精华套装,能有效预防衰老,对抗氧化,套装中包括6个产品规格为8.5ml的鲜活维C,6个产品规格为7ml的维A.10%活的维C日间鲜活抗氧加上维A视黄醇夜间抗老修护,日夜兼修,协同作用,能够明显减少面部细纹和皱纹。倩碧采用了巅峰维C/维A科技,独创保鲜包装,一按一摇,即开即用,提升肌肤保鲜力。

    Clinique 倩碧皮肤科医生建议将外用维生素C和A一起使用,以获得协同作用。新鲜是关键,它们在暴露于氧气时会自然降解并失去其有效性,倩碧独有的保鲜包装可保护其全部功效,直至激活,达到最佳效果。激活包装可将纯维生素释放到小瓶的抗衰老舒缓乳液中,该乳液具有强效活肤成分。日间维生素C 0%在皮肤表面起作用,使皮肤焕发光彩。夜间,维生素A(视黄醇)深入渗透到皮肤肌理,舒缓修护亮泽。随着时间的推移,皮肤看起来恢复活力,线条和皱纹重新填满,焕发年轻光彩。


What It Is:

Our freshest, most potent day-and-night de-aging booster system. Together, they deliver results equal to a leading prescription for lines and wrinkles.

What It Does:

Turns your moisturizer into a de-aging powerhouse. Our breakthrough day and night Boosters with Pure Vitamins C 10% and A (Retinol) are freshly activated to deliver prescription-level results against visible wrinkles.

* Simply mix a few pumps with your favorite Clinique moisturizer Vitamin C in the morning, Vitamin A at night. Enjoy a potent de-aging boost without changing the moisturizer you love.

Every day, Vitamin C 10% works on the skin's surface to instantly brighten.

See remarkably even-toned and retextured skin with continued use.

Every night, Vitamin A (Retinol) penetrates deeply into the skin's surface.

Over time, skin appears revitalized, lines and wrinkles' re-filled,' youthful tone recaptured.

Key Ingredients / Technology:

Our guiding dermatologist recommends using topical Vitamins C & A together for their synergistic power. Fresh is keythey naturally degrade when exposed to oxygen and lose their effectiveness. Clinique's exclusive stay-fresh packaging protects their full potency until activation for maximum results.

Pure Vitamin C 10% powder concentrate is sealed in an airproof chamber.

Pure Vitamin A (Retinol) liquid concentrate is encapsulated in a double-walled chamber.

Activating the package releases the pure Vitamin into the vial's de-aging soothing emulsion, which is bursting with powerful revitalizing ingredients. Once activated, each Booster is at maximum potency for 7 days/nights but can be used up to 14 days/nights. Benefits:

Allergy Tested

100% Fragrance-Free

No Parabens, No Phthalates, Non-Acnegenic

For all Skin Types

Vitamin A (Retinol) is so powerful that it actively transforms skin. You may experience a little dryness, redness or peeling during the first few weeks of useall common indications that Vitamin A is working. To smooth your skin's transition to a nightly Vitamin A (Retinol) routine, we recommend using a daily moisturizer and an extra gentle, sulfate-free cleanser.

How to Use:

To Activate:

1. Leave the cap on. Remove foil.

2. Firmly press inner bulb 2x to release Vitamin into the de-aging soothing emulsion.

3. Shake 15 seconds.、

To Use:

1. Shake before use. Remove cap.

2. Press bulb 2-3x to dispense into palm of the hand.

3. Mix in hand with a dollop of your moisturizer. Smooth all over the face. Daily sunscreen is imperative.

6x 8.5 ml Vit C 6x 7ml Vit A


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