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  • Giorgio Armani eye tint Liquid Eyeshadow 薄纱眼影液
Giorgio Armani eye tint Liquid Eyeshadow 薄纱眼影液

Giorgio Armani eye tint Liquid Eyeshadow 薄纱眼影液

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    Giorgio Armani eye tint Liquid Eyeshadow 薄纱眼影液,产品规格4ml,法国制造

    这是一款长效液体眼影,舒适的乳霜质地,高饱和的眼影颜色。采用创新的配方,将产品涂抹到眼皮上能从液体变为固体,瞬间粘附在眼睑上,长达16个小时的,眼妆持久,不会斑驳。该配方中还采用了 hold booster,含有甘油,可以使得颜料充分混合,这款薄纱眼影液还注入了色彩增强剂,富含天然色素和珍珠成分,带来活力、持久的色彩。独特的复合物能共同作用,均匀分散高密的色彩,带来更好的眼妆体验。这款液体眼影色号很多,可以作为眼影、眼线、高光或者分层,打造百变妆容,带来自然迷人的外观。



A long-wear liquid eye shadow that delivers creaseproof, high-pigment eye color in a comfortable creamy formula.

This innovative formula transforms from liquid to solid, instantly adhering to the eyelid for 16 hours of smudge-proof and creaseproof color. The new on-the-go format has an upgraded applicator for precise, even, mistake-proof application.

The formula features a hold booster - a creamy polymer with glycerine - that allows pure color pigments to blend together seamlessly on the lid. The Eye Tint is also infused with a color vibrancy booster, which is enriched with natural pigments and pearls for vibrant, long-lasting color. The unique complex works together to disperse high-density color evenly. All of the Eye Tint shades feature dynamic runway-inspired colors that can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter, or layered for natural to glamorous looks. 

How to Use:

For an on the go eye makeup, apply Eye Tint to the lid using the sponge applicator. Using your fingertips, pat and smooth the color, for a flawless, blended finish. Layer to achieve your desired intensity. Turn the applicator on its side, or use the Armani eyeliner brush to create a graphic line in your desired shade of Eye Tint.

Backstage Tip: Apply lighter shades alone to highlight the eyes. You can also put Eye Tint on your cheek for an highlight touch.

About Giorgio Armani:

The Giorgio Armani collection came into being in 1975, when the designer rewrote the rules for menswear, revolutionizing proportions and aiming at an unheard of fluidity and elegance. The following year, observing that the fashion needs of women were also changing, he offered the same soft, unstructured jackets as the basis for a new womenswear collection. Since then, the line has never ceased to evolve, with continual research into an aesthetic based on essential, never ostentatious, style as its outstanding trait. Elegant, modern and sophisticated, the Giorgio Armani collection stands out for the excellence of its manufacture, the extreme attention to detail, the purity of the lines and the use of high quality materials. The clothes are designed to bring out the wearer's personality, never to overwhelm or disguise. 


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